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Cooling Systems, Cooling Fans and a Camel

Preventing your equipment from overheating while mounted inside a standard network / equipment cabinet or server rack is important for its proper functionality, ensuring and maintaining its working ability over its lifetime, and avoiding any potential damage due to the excess heat.

First, let’s review potential hazards as described above, followed by some methods and ideas to allow better air flow and cooler environments for the equipment.

Proper Equipment Functionality – Depending on the equipment type and/or manufacturer, the effects of the overheated system might vary between the following scenarios:

  1. Depending on the equipment and/or server, they may have an internal overheating protection system that automatically shuts off once the temperature reaches a certain degree. The system will remain switched off and will be incapable to perform until it cools down. Needless to say, the negative impact of such a situation can be great, especially during business hours when there is a need to use the network.
  2. Some equipment might not have an overheating protection system, possibly causing the equipment to work slowly, freeze, provide inaccurate information, or shut down completely.

Ensuring and Maintaining Working Ability – Many manufacturers will provide the normal operation temperature range for their equipment, but not all manufacturers do so. One should always assume not to setup the equipment in an environment where it could possibly overheat. Some equipment might even require a relatively stable temperature rather than a temperature fluctuation that will affect the equipment’s performance and overall “health” condition. Certain electronic components have limited life at relatively high temperatures and therefore it is better to operate such equipment at cooler temperatures to prolong its life span.

Equipment Damage due to Overheating – Computer CPUs, hard drives, switches and other equipment are all susceptible to malfunctioning or permanent damage due to overheating.

Keep it cool!
Keeping your equipment cool might be essential for its proper operation, therefore consider the following in order to prevent overheating:

  1. Allow better airflow by spacing the equipment properly.
  2. Mount a cooling system or cooling fans in the rack or cabinet. This will circulate the air while in operation.
  3. Monitor the room temperature - While monitoring proper airflow and spacing in the cabinet or rack is important, it is definitely not a substitute for monitoring the room temperature or the ambient temperature where the cabinet or rack is located. A cooling system or a cooling fan is not a substitute for an air conditioner that should be used in warm environments or when the mounted equipment tends to generate heat while in operation.

Cooling Systems – Cooling systems are equipped with a thermostat. Once the selected temperature on the thermostat is reached, it will activate the cooling fans causing the cabinet or rack internal temperature to drop by improving and circulating the airflow.

Cooling Fans – Cooling fans are not accompanied by a thermostat, therefore they will continuously run as long as power is being provided.

The Camel – If you are wondering, what does the camel have to do with it? Well… nothing much… it just makes the topic more interesting and besides, the camel can stand the heat. The question is can your equipment stand it? Can you risk it?

SETT offers various types of cooling systems and cooling fans. Some are designed to be mounted to the top section of the rack or cabinet and some are ‘shelf type’ that can be mounted in different locations in the rack or cabinet. Please review SETT’s cooling systems and cooling fans offered on our website under the accessories page at:

If you have any questions, please e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 1-215-322-9301 during business hours and we will be happy to assist you.


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