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A Nut, a Cage and the in Between – Let’s Talk About Cage Nuts!

Why Cage Nuts?

So you have finally received your equipment and have a nice rack to put it in, but do you have everything you need to put them together? If not, you might have forgotten one important thing – the nut… the cage nut. Since many equipment manufacturers do not provide a hardware mounting kit with their equipment, you have to remember to purchase the hardware mounting kit separately so you can mount your equipment into the rack or cabinet. Many customers overlook the need for this item initially, and, as a result, when the time comes to install their equipment, they are faced with another issue – finding the hardware mounting kit needed for the installation. A common use of cage nuts is to mount equipment into standard 19 inch racks or cabinets. This article explains the need and actual description of cage nuts, the contents of a hardware mounting kit, and how to install a cage nut into rack or cabinet rails.


What are Cage Nuts?

Cage nuts, also known as caged nuts or M6 nuts, consist of a square-shaped nut enclosed in a steel metal spring-type housing (as shown in the picture). The nut enclosure is called a cage because it holds the nut inside of it. This cage includes two flexible flaps which are squeezable allowing these flaps to be inserted into the rack or cabinet rails. Once released, the flaps tend to expand towards their original position ensuring a snug fit into the rails. Because the rails have square holes that are meant to accommodate the cage nuts, the functionality of these cage flaps is to hold the nut in the desired position on the rails. Although the nut is fitted into a cage, the cage is slightly bigger than the size of the nut to allow some freedom for adjustment in alignment during the equipment mounting process.

How to Install a Cage Nut:

To install a cage nut, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the position on the rails where you would like to install your equipment, taking into account the necessary position of the cage nuts for your particular equipment (different types of equipment might require different cage nut spacing on the mounting rails depending on the height and design of the equipment).
  2. Make sure to mark the same position vertically on both rails for cage nut installation.
  3. Squeeze the cage nut flaps using either your thumb or a tool such as needle nose pliers.
  4. Insert one flap into the rail square while still pressing on the other flap.
  5. Push the other flap into its place and once it is in the square of the rail release the flap allowing it to expand and lock the nut into place.
  6. Repeat the process for all other cage nuts in all desired locations on the rails.
  7. Make sure the cage nuts are secured and locked in position before mounting equipment.



Hardware Mounting Kit

A typical hardware mounting kit will include cage nuts, screws and flexible rubber washers. Consider the size of your rack or cabinet as well as how many pieces of equipment you intend to mount into the rails in order to determine how many pieces of mounting hardware (the cage nuts, screws and washers) you need to purchase.

SETT offers hardware mounting kits. Each mounting kit includes 20 cage nuts, 20 screws and 20 rubber washers. The SETT part number for the hardware mounting kit is: A-MNTKIT-1. Please review SETT’s hardware mounting kit offered on our website under the accessories page at:

If you have any questions, please e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 1-215-322-9301 during business hours and we will be happy to assist you.


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