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SETT Custom Network and Server Racks and Cabinets

Since SETT is capable of manufacturing custom network and server racks and cabinets based on a customer’s specification and need, we often get inquiries involving this customization and would therefore like to point out the benefits of this procedure and what is involved in this process.

The numerous benefits of using a customized rack or cabinet based on your specific requirements include increased effectiveness, comfort of usage since it is designed to accommodate specific equipment, and it might contribute to cost reduction. When you customize your own rack or cabinet, you can provide specifications for your new design which can include options such as:

  • Specifying a non-standard size in terms of height or depth. For example, an uncommon 11U rack or cabinet with a low or high       depth, depending on your equipment
  • Access points specifically made for the equipment being mounted in the rack or cabinet
  • Perforated or solid metal or glass door
  • Solid or perforated side panels
  • Wall mount, desktop, or free standing rack or cabinet
  • Leveling feet or castors
  • Color
  • Type of locking mechanism using a key or combination lock
  • Built in accessories which may consist of cooling systems, shelving, cable management, etc.
  • Any other requirement that you may have for your specific equipment

The compatibility of your custom designed rack or cabinet might be a result of a non-standard size requirement that is not available in the market. For example, if your equipment requires a 17U rack or cabinet with a depth of 16’’, but you could only find that the market offers 20U racks with depths of 20’’ as a standard, you have no choice but to order a rack or cabinet that is available in the market rather than accommodate your equipment in a more a size effective and even cost-effective rack or cabinet. If you are only in need of a few racks or cabinets, it will probably not make a big difference; however, if you are a manufacturer, installer, or dealer of equipment that sells in high quantities, you may very well consider looking into accommodating this equipment in a custom rack.

Since designing a custom rack or cabinet based on a customer’s unique specifications requires engineering, designing, and prototypes, we do not offer customization services for low quantities. We typically require a minimum order of 100 racks or cabinets in order to make your order more cost effective.

Whenever we receive a request to design a custom rack or cabinet, we require varied information in order to satisfy the specific needs. We may brainstorm with the customer in order to offer ideas and then implement them when designing the custom rack or cabinet. Once we have concluded what is needed, we then present a prototype to the customer for approval. After approval, the next stage would be mass production to complete the entire quantity of the order.

SETT is proud to have customers both in the United States, Canada, and overseas that utilize our capabilities of manufacturing quality custom racks and cabinets. If you have a need for a large quantity (over 100) of custom racks or cabinets, feel free to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your specifications to further discuss your requirements for your customized equipment housing needs.



Network Racks and Server Racks from SETT!

SETT is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of network racks, server racks and network cabinets.  Whether you need a wall mount cabinet or free standing network rack, you will find it here - from 5U cabinets to large 42U server racks.  For your convenience, SETT network racks may be ordered online and shipped nationwide.

Trusted worldwide, SETT server and network racks are built to last!